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Our story is the story of a family business career. Step by step, generation after generation, milestone to milestone, we have grown and today we have become one of the most important aids in the sector of automation.

We started as a small factory injection and blow molding plastic materials and today we are one of the most stable industries of Aragon.


Our commitment to quality and our commitment to product and customer diversification and internationalization.


  • 1946

    CEFA was founded by Mr. Eduardo Blanchard Castillo in 1946. The factory's first products were cellulose caps for bottles and other chemical products such as gelatine, saccharin and soap, starting with the injection of thermoplastics in 1952.

  • 1960

    CEFA ensures its situation in the sector of automotive industry and household equipments and starts the production using blow moulding technology. At the same time, a production line for the manufacturing of toys and household goods is developed, being these products widely sold the same on the national as also on the international market.

  • 1970

    At the end of the 70es CEFA creates a special unit for the manufacturing of plastic bubble-film for packaging, called Embalajes Air Plastic, S.L.

  • 1983

    The ongoing increase of business made that CEFA had to move to its current facilities, located in the industrial area of Malpica (Zaragoza).

  • 1992

    Being evident that the evolution of markets forces the suppliers to get more and more specialized, CEFA takes the decision to get rid of the manufacturing of household goods and to separate the manufacturing of toys creating a new company called Cefa Toys. From this moment on, CEFA focused its production exclusively on the automotive industry.

  • 1994

    Due to the continuos increasing of globalization of markets, CEFA gets into a joint venture with the Peguform Group, who are from then on part of the share holders of the company. This enhanced the worldwide distribution of Cefa's products even more.

  • 1997

    CEFA returns to the sector of household equipments establishing a "shop-in-shop" - production with BSH-Balay for the manufacturing and direct delivery to their assembly line of pipes for washing mashines.

  • 2011

    Peguform joins an indian group Samvardhana Motherson Group.

  • 2012

    Organization Modulos Ribera Alta S.L. is created, specialist in a production of door panels for automotive industry.

  • Today

    We continue to work looking ahead with optimism, with a leading position in the sector.


For us the biggest prize is the satisfaction of our customers. But good work, perseverance and unwavering commitment to quality have been CEFA recognized with several awards:

Q1 (FORD) - 1989

EAQF (Class A) (EAQF RENAULT) – 1996

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) - 1997

Premio a la Excelencia Empresarial en Aragón (IAF) - 1999

Next21 Award (Nissan) - 2000

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) - 2003

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) - 2004

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) - 2005

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) - 2011

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) - 2012

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) - 2014

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) – 2015

Supplier of the Year (GM QSTP AWARD) – 2016

Supplier of the Year PSA (“rogramme Management Award) 2020


We are socially committed to our environment and this is reflected in our ethical conduct code and our CSR memory.